"Delaware Valley's #1 Radio Station for Human

Resource Professionals"


A forum for human resource professionals

Founded in 2008 by Rich Krekstein and Ken Dubin, HR Today Radio is a human resource industry forum that serves the Delaware Valley. Our goal is to create a platform for people in the human resource field to share insights on their work and our medium is the radio. We invite HR professionals to appear on-air as guests, and our show functions as a virtual think-tank or roundtable where HR professionals can discuss the challenges they face at work and how they address these challenges.

For our listeners

Our show isn't just about shining a spotlight on our esteemed on-air guests; ultimately our show is for our listeners. We want to give our listeners a chance to listen to stories of complex workplace issues, so that they can formulate positions on these issues and apply them to their own careers.

Stay tuned!

HR Today is the only radio show in the Philadelphia area that's dedicated exclusively to human resource professionals. You can find us on the air at WWDB 860 AM, on the third Wednesday of every month, from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM. Regardless of where you are in your human resources career, our show will feature thought-provoking conversation on important HR issues. Make sure to tune in to our next broadcast! 

Get in touch with us about the show

Are you interested in being featured on our show as a guest? Do you know someone else who will make a great guest? Are there human resources topics you would like us to cover? Please let us know: email host@hrtodayradio.com today.

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